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Found Along the Trail

  • We found brand new shops in Independence Oregon!

    timeless antiques showroom floor 

    Independence is turning corners in a beautiful way.

    To begin with, The City of Independence is the official end of the Oregon Trail. It is a historic district. They also have a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization boosting and beautifying the city.

    Independence boasts a number of architectural styles from the past, and has won grants to revitalize. Including on Main Street. A new hotel is going in. An original Main Street building is getting restored and converted to a micro brew pub. There is a book seller. A vintage clock dealer, and most important for us – there are two new antique and vintage shops to visit as well.


    Same As It Never Was Vintage is located on the corner of Main and D Street.

    Look for the yellow bicycle out front and for the shabby chic, coastal cottage, vintage and antique finds inside!  This shop changes inventory often so you should visit often just to look. You’ll find antique furniture, hand selected vintage clothing, jewelry, painted furniture, artisan decor pieces, and shabby chic items, too.


    There are lots of wall decor items including some made by local artists. We saw a wall clock with the face made from the brightly painted numerals found on license plates. There are lamps and mirrors to decorate with as well. We saw a tall, open and painted shabby chic hutch with lower cabinet doors that was perfectly converted for a baby’s things.

    license plate art wall signs  Same as it never was showroom floor Same As It Never Was clothing 

    There is also a periodic flea market that the shop sponsors right on Main Street, so call ahead and don’t miss out.


    Around the block is Timeless Antiques & More.

    Timeless Antiques & More is located at 281 S. Second Street. This place keeps expanding, too. It is worth repeat visits since you can also pop into Same As It Never Was when you’re there. There is plenty of vintage, antique, victorian, and shabby chic furniture. We even saw a contemporary glass table for grilling season. There are decor options everywhere you look to work into your home’s style. Even select pieces of vintage clothing, too.

    There is also an entire wall of cases filled with treasures to see at the back of the mall. Its topped with a plethora of glowing lamps with shades that nearly cover the cases from one side of the showroom to the other.

    Dawn Lynn, Owner wall of glass cases for antiquestimeless antiques showroom floor Vintage clothes and armoire at Timeless antiques 


    You’ll find jewelry, art pottery, the odd dairy milk can, travel trunks, mirrors, pictures and wall decor. Like country charm? Timeless Antiques & More has it in loads! Guess you’ll just have to go to Independence and visit the two newest shops in town and see it all for yourself

  • Dallas Oregon is Antique & Vintage Mall Central For Total Eclipse Travellers – And YOU

    The total eclipse of the sun will be seen from Dallas, and the residents and Dallas antique and vintage malls aren’t letting it go by unnoticed. A four day celebration with nightly concerts, food vendors, eclipse themed movies,street performers, guest speakers and more. Here is a link for more info:  

    Dallas has an “Antique Row” on Main Street. 

    We’ve been visiting them, and there is still a lot to see. Beginning with Ginnie’s Dallas Antique Mall sitting directly across the street from the old historic Courthouse, they run south crossing Court Street into the next block. Somewhere In Time in Silverton recommended Ginnie’s, so we started there.

    Here is an image of the front entrance to Ginnie’s Dallas Antique Mall: Store front of Ginnie's Dallas Antique Mall  

    Ginnie’s mall is an eye full when you step inside. It was hard to know where to start because it all speaks to one design idea or another. This mall is really well merchandised from ceramic collectibles to furniture. Lots of changing seasonal vintage decor. Often the inventory is decorated together, such as vintage place settings on an antique table. The treasures pack the place. Vintage kitchen items all over – beginning with a wooden box full of vintage kitchen hand tools, whisks, and kitchen mystery ) with the word “Apples” carved into it. China pieces are all around. Art pottery to beads.

    We saw everything you would need to dress a photo set – or your home – for a still life oil painting. But remember those mid century glass “grapes on a vine” centerpieces you just gotta have in a midcentury, or ranch home? She has that for you, too.  Porcelain? Yes. Glass? Yes. Jewelry? Yes. Mancave with vinyl records, too? Yes. By now you should be thinking of when you will visit.

    Next we walked into Some Things – Old, New, In between.

    You can’t miss it – just look for the giant, brightly painted metal rooster and his little rooster companion out in front of the store! We love those guys. 


    The owner Mike has a nice twist on your typical antique and furniture shop as the store’s name implies. The furniture leads the way with antique pieces all the way to solid, gently used furniture. We saw a beautiful Empire bureau, a contemporary glass and metal garden set, a walnut credenza, so many lamps – matching pairs. Need an iron etagere? He has a couple of them. There was a metal curving cabriole legged baking table, too.   image of Some Things' showroom floor Empire dressing bureau

    Do you like a nice Craftsman style Morris Rocker by your fireplace? We saw one there. How about a vintage “Hollywood Squares” board game in the original box to play while you sit in the rocker?  Want an arts and crafts style hat rack in your entryway, and a stained glass window to hang in the light there to go with it? He had those, too. And a recent kitchen table set as well. Some Things carries solid used contemporary furniture, so it’s worth stopping in to see what’s there for you in that regard.  Kitchen booth of collectibles at Some Things

    We saw jewelry, a vintage beaded evening clutch, along with other vintage ladies’ evening gown accessories. There was a room divider with printed (painted?) fabric panels. Wall decor pieces, an oval shabby chic rattan-framed mirror, and lots of vintage and midcentury kitchen ware.  

    antique booth with neon miller beer signage  An entire wall of booths runs about the length of the store. They display everything from a vintage kitchenaid mixer with attachments, to corningware and covered dishes, and from wall decor to a Mickey Mouse mug. We saw glass, porcelain and ceramics for the kitchen and table. There are old bottles, a hand-lever wine cork inserter, a salt glazed crock with its lid intact. Some Native American themed collectibles. Books, a Nascar game, and even neon beer signage. Enough furniture and treasures here to outfit a living room, vintage kitchen, and your man’s cave to boot. 

    Some Things Old, New, In between is also an Englander bed dealer making shopping there even more complete. We found an entirely separate showroom full of beds to try and choose from right inside the store, in a room off of the main floor. Check it out when you visit. 

    Ever wonder what a 1915 JC Penney would look like inside? Step inside The Main Street Emporium of Dallas.

    Inside of Main Street Emporium of Dallas   Front checkout desk and balcony inside the Main Street Emporium of Dallas

    That’s because the emporium is housed in the 39th JC Penney building. That staircase? Original. The tin ceiling? Yup that’s the original with what look like the original chandeliers hanging from it rewired perhaps?). Today its filled with antiques, decor collectibles and vintage clothing. So when your eyes find a collectible tin from the arts and crafts era, it just looks like it belongs there on that vintage shelf. Next you want to see it in your own home. 

    Do you like vintage kitchenware? They have a lot of treasures to choose from. Vintage kitchen display at Main Street Emporium of Dallas How about a vintage bedroom set?Vintage Bedroom set    two armoirsDo you need an armoire? 

    Or a Victorian bureau? Antique vanity    vintage painted bureau        There are also more recent, mid century, and shabby chic items to bring home as well.  And what about vintage, and branded clothing? They have a mezzanine full of neatly racked, clean vintage clothes and a hand picked selection of branded more contemporary garments, too.

    Vintage clothing balcony inside the Main Street Emporium of Dallas  Be sure you visit when you get to Dallas for the total eclipse of the sun!

  • The Silver Wolf Shop is A Little Gem

    We went out to Silverton to see if there was good vintage hunting and we hit silver and gold.

    (No puns here!) They had vintage vinyl LPs, too! When we walked into the Silver Wolf Shop we started to look around and everything our eyes set upon was special. There were Native American silver and turquoise pieces, sterling rings and a solid sterling platter. Shelves of silver and gold coins with collectible proof sets, rolled collectible coins, and more.

    The storefront window had glass cubby shelves filled with unusual collectible items and decor. Then we looked up.

    To our happy surprise we found an entire wall of curated rare and collectible vinyl LPs. Most were either factory sealed, or were first pressings. We saw the Cars’ “Candy O”, George Thorogood and The Destroyers, The Rolling Stones’ “Sticky Fingers” – in the original jacket with the zipper. They also had a mint copy of “Some Girls”. There was Jethro Tull and so many others. All in perfect condition.

    Bambi, one of the owners explained the twin focus of the shop to us: Sterling silver and gold jewelry on the left side, gold and silver collectible coins – and that wall of vinyl – on the right. Pretty straightforward. The big storefront window with the glass cubby shelves is a constantly rotating selection of decor, collectibles, and some very rare items.

    The gold and silver coins were exceptional.

    Proof silver sets of dollar coins lined the lower shelves. Rolled and stacked gold were on the upper shelves. many looked in “never touched” condition. All were in holders or plastic cases. They are the main focus of the shop’s other owner – Bambi’s husband. I must say he surely is as informed about his side of the shop’s inventory as she is about her’s.

    In the big window were miniature clay dolls, some articulated that measured about an inch in length.

    I wondered if one of them was a ‘baby’ from a New Orleans’ King cake (whoever gets the baked-in baby has to bring the cake to the party at next year’s Epiphany party) But Bambi didn’t think so and pointed out a few things in that regard. So knowledgable she was about everything in their inventory. Then there was this large solid sterling silver platter. Not a tray – far to thick and heavy. Home decor items filled out the entire window. She said it constantly rotates as the items sell quickly in that space… You know the rule: If you like it, buy it because it won’t be there next time you visit!

    All together The Silver Wolf Shop is an eyefull. All in a very tidy store with friendly staff. We’re stopping in next time we hit Silverton!

    silver and gold rings wall of collectible vinyl records

    Gold coins Coin sets

    rolled collectible coins Native American Jewelry Display

  • Go Visit Downtown Silverton Antique and Vintage Stores!

    Silverton is a cute little town. 

    Visiting is fun and well worth the short drive through the countryside. About 45 minutes south of Portland, Google navigation will take you there easily. Silver Creek runs through Silverton’s downtown, through a park with a beautiful covered foot bridge, passing a nice cluster of antique and vintage stores, a crepe shop, a used book store, a throwback movie theater, beer pubs, and more as it goes. Many of these places have creekside seating.

    On the way we passed Brush Creek Playhouse. 

    At first we thought it was an old schoolhouse. But upon second glance we noticed the marquee. We looked up their website and learned they serve the greater Salem, Silverton and Mt Angel communities.

    Silverton Park Santa Mural

    For its size the place Silverton’s downtown is packed with things for an antique and vintage hunter  – and their friends – to see and do.

    As we walked around Silverton’s downtown the people we met were very friendly- maybe that comes from living in such a nice place. As we passed the record store a few folks were gathered out front talking over the latest news. It felt like “Mayberry”. They call themselves “The Gateway to Silver Falls and the Home of the Oregon Garden”. And they are. 

    The murals are everywhere.

    Thirteen of them, in fact. There is one telling the history of the Silverton Red Sox. Another tells of Bobbi the dog – who returned home from a 3,000 mile trek after getting lost on a trip his owners took…Disney made a movie called “The Incredible Journey” based on Bobbi’s life. Another mural memorializes Silverton’s belief in Santa Claus. That one is in the Silverton Park.

    Highlighting the history of the town and more, these very intricate works of art are representative of the town’s history, its pro baseball team, insistent belief in Santa Claus, and more. We stopped at almost everyone we came across. You can read about them here:

    Pretty soon we found Silverton’s cluster of antique and vintage shops.

    The Silver Wolf Shop, Redeemed & Restored, Somewhere In Time, and more. We also found a used book store, a throwback movie theater, a few places with great food (crepes and coffee anyone?). We liked the charming little creek side park with a covered foot bridge and spotless public amenities right next to Somewhere In Time antiques, too.

    About those antique and vintage shops that you’ll want to visit…

    We found The Silver Wolf Shop specializing in all things silver and gold from jewelry to coins and home decor – along with an entire wall of highly collectible vintage records. Its quite a combination.

    The Silver Wolf Shop Storefront 

    There is also another record store in town to find so if you like collecting vinyl be sure and visit. But Silver Wolf Shop had the most amazing vinyl pieces.

    There was Redeemed & Restored – a stunning, beautiful shabby chic store. The place is full of beautiful things from painted furniture to boudoir lamps, pictures, mirrors, decor collectibles and ceramics. There is even an outdoor garden section to check out.

    Redeemed & Restored

    We were also glad to find Somewhere In Time. They pretty much have something for everyone. Clothing  to jewelry, antique furniture, collectibles and home decor. They have a ‘mancave’ too, along with games, toys, more. Right next to the Silverton Park, it’s worth the stop for sure.

    Somewhere In Time Storefront

  • Curiosities Antique Mall

    Curiosities Vintage Mall is super ’70s fantastic with vintage mid-century modern!

    Definitely a stop on your treasure trail on the “West Side” of the river and Portland for vintage mid-century modern.Don’t get us wrong.. we saw some amazingly rare vintage cameras from Germany, ancient looking handmade farm tools, old citizens band radios, and great old musical instruments, too.

    But if you like mid-century this place will float your boat:

    Picture a large twin level hanging macrame end table. How about a large multi-color-glass super modern lantern style swag chandelier?

    Got vintage jewelry? …they do with a safe to keep it in, and you safe while you shop.

    We saw vintage electronics like reel-to-reel players. Bose 901 speakers with the rare mixer they came with originally.

    Then there were the vintage clothes..racks of organized, clean garments with no “vintage odor”.

    So many dealers, it just keeps on going from one room to the next.

    The owner Travis Diskin is super nice, knowledegable and helpful. They maintain an email wish list.. but they won’t bug you incessantly.

    Located at 12705 Beaver dam Rd, Beaverton, OR 97005 they are somewhat back off of the street behind “Union Vintage”.

    Take a look at the picture.. You can’t miss the shape of that frontage and roofline…just don’t fly by and you’ll easily find them. Now get out and GO!


  • Corvallis Surprise.. Vintage and Vinyl
    Image of the hanging shingle sign for The Alley Men's Fashion and Vintage Haberdashery in Corvallis

    The Alley Haberdashery in Corvallis

    Vintage and Vinyl in Corvallis ?!?

    We found vintage and vinyl in Corvallis. A Haberdashery, and a classic record store that you should definitely visit next time you’re in Corvallis. Or just go there anyway!

    “The Alley” is the Men’s clothing store presented by Nancy Kneisel. Walk into the store and you feel cozy like a haberdasher’s environs should feel. The Alley has both vintage and contemporary men’s resale clothing stocked neatly on it’s racks and shelves. The store also keeps accessories on their shelves that you can pair with everything from casual clothing to men’s suits. The shop also stocks new shoes. When you walk in and immediately feel comfortable. The layout of the shop gives an inviting, easy feeling, and the service is personal. Nancy also operates two other shops for women that are nearby that you might want to stop in on. These have mostly high quality resale fashions in great condition. 

    HAPPY TRAILS RECORDS – Selling Vintage Vinyl In Corvallis for 30 Years!

    Around the corner from The Attic is Happy Trails Records. A neighborhood vinyl shop with a 30 yr history providing quality used, vintage, and new pressings is rare.

    The owner is Doug DiCarolis. He is knowledgeable about his inventory of records and discs, and helpful like you’d expect in a record shop. Its hard to find that at corporate stores. Expect to find collectible and just great music recordings in many different genres on 33 1/3 vinyl and on CD.

    Doug was very nice and  told us about the shop’s history. He told us that once upon a time the shop carried 78’s and 45’s for enthusiasts in their inventory too. But unfortunately they didn’t sell. There wasn’t a big enough market for them in Corvallis. We found expertly groomed bins of LPs featuring everything from jazz to punk rock. We had to buy the copy of “Introducing the Beatles” that popped up in the $1 bin. The jacket was covered with notes on which member performed lead vocals each song. Just a little slice of British pop loved by an innocent American teen. Perfect.

  • Diving to the Oregon Coast for Antique and Vintage Stores

    Just your everyday Oregon covered bridge.. go out and find one yourself!

    We Found Newport vintage stores on our trip to the coast.

    We drove out to see the Newport vintage stores on the coast that we’d heard about. Naturally, we decided to hunt for more like we always do.  The trail from the mid Willamette Valley to the Oregon Coast crosses beautiful vistas dotted with covered bridges and farms. Romantically twisty roads take you through quaint towns and roadside America. When driving on your trip and see a road sign noting a historic spot, pull over once in awhile. The trip out to the Newport vintage stores was perfect.

    Travelling Antique trails with means Google Navigation. We built it into every shop’s page that we provide for your phone or tablet. On this trip we found two Antique Malls and a Vintage shop along the trail.

    Pirates Plunder is a large multi room, bright Antique Mall with all kinds of treasures.

    I saw a Stickley style craftsman arm chair at a giveaway price.  We couldn’t count how many dealers have booths there..Very large. Sculptures to instruments and furniture to glass. They even have a number of life size Pirate statues, but something tells me they aren’t for sale…

    Pirates Plunder Antique Mall

    Sean at Pirates Plunder referred me to Nostalgia Antique Mall. We used  NWVA’s Google navigation and found them just down the road and over a beautiful Art Decco bridge.

    There sat Nostalgia Antique Mall.

    Another Newport Vintage store is Nostalgia Antique Mall. A friendly and spotless big multi dealer mall with a really great Windsor chair we had to force ourselves to walk away from. There was a Singer Featherweight in the travel case tucked in a corner, cases full of treasures, lighting and decor with a tool section, even. 

    If you want a Windsor Chair you probably want THIS one!

    Nostalgia Antique Mall

    Round Trip is a Vintage shop on a little side street off of North Coast on the Historic Bayfront.

    Packed with clean and neatly arranged and racked vintage clothes in great condition. Including a rack just for guys when we visited. The owner, China McCoy stocks vinyl LPs, and lots of other funky fun. We found it while looking for a place to park for lunch at Mo’s Seafood.  Duck into Mo’s if you like clam chowder when in Newport…the place is a legend and so is the soup. We always try to when we’re in town. After lunch stop in around the corner and see China – you might just find a nice piece of vintage America to take home with you.

    Round Trip Vintage

    During the drive back we stopped at the Blodgett Country Store for a cup of coffee. The store dates to the 1880’s… And then shortly after passed a sign for a working covered bridge. This is when hunting Northwest Vintage and Antique Trails gets extra fun. Since we skipped the lighthouse sign we passed earlier in the day, we turned the wheel. Down a county road passing farms and grape vines trimmed for winter the pavement ended… and there it was. Right next to a winery closed for the winter, an Oregon covered bridge in really good repair. You’ll find yourself almost reflexively stopping in the middle of the road when you round the corner and you first see it. We got out and walked around, drove over the boards, took photos and then drove back across and continued our way home. 

    Blodgett Country Store

    Harris Covered Bridge

    We’ll be headed out to the Northwest Coast hunting Antique and Vintage shops again soon!